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Explained so PERFECT! Please check this out!


As I was saying in my previous post, now the judge is also saying it. Obama can be held accountable by the UN security council. This is only logical if he is breaking international law!

Now starts the insane battle in congress to strike Syria. People like John McCain talking about saving face! What kind of reasoning is that? This man needs to be removed from congress in my opinion. He is a warmonger. This fight is NOT ours.

Next: The Jewish propaganda! I cannot believe they would go to this level to push this. Only the main stream media would have someone on like that.

We should NOT strike Syria. They make it sound like it’s just a teeny, tiny, little strikey! No, it’s possibly the start of WWIII. We cannot police the world. These people eat the hearts of their enemies as one of their commanders put it on the famous live leak video of this “Rebel” mutilating the corpse of a Syrian solider. These people will never understand our way of life and by religion they can’t accept our culture. Period. What don’t these airheads in Washington understand about these people? It is crazy to think we are going to bring democracy to ANY country in the middle east.