Senator Rand Paul announced there are several hundreds of thousands of signatures on a Class Action Lawsuit against the NSA. Add yourself to the lawsuit saying you will not tolerate the NSA snooping on your data in any fashion at

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Please watch and share this. Has to be the best explanation of how the FED is the worst thing devised by man and bankers

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I have a lot of respect for Ben Swann. He seems to be in the perfect spot as an investigative journalist. During a time when journalism is skewed beyond recognition. If you haven’t seen any of Ben’s work I suggest you check it out. He is one of my favorites.

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I love this guy! Bashes Krugman’s face in right in front of him!

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I will be checking out this documentary on the FED. Seems like it’ll be a good one. Many people predicted this collapse and acted on it. You cannot keep injecting funny money into our market and expect anything less.

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I can’t even believe this is now law? How will they enforce it? Monitors in your house? Routine goon squads to rummage through your house? They say landlords are to enforce the law. This of course won’t be enough in the future. I call this the foot in the door approach. After people everywhere are still smoking in their houses I can see more strict set of measures being enforced.