Big Talk, No Action on Syria. What does the world think of us now?

Posted: September 8, 2013 in General
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          In the beginning, the Obama administration announced the Syrian government attacked its own people with chemical weapons. They released countless reports and videos showing the devastation of the attack. John Kerry stood in front of that microphone and swore up, down, left, right, and center. WE KNOW! WE KNOW! WE KNOW! He was 100% certain who did it and when they did it.

          A few days later, after relentless media coverage and questions about when the US will strike. Obama comes out and tells the world that he will go through congress to see to it that certain targets are destroyed via navy ships. This may be the spark the starts WWIII. Nobody really knows what can happen as a result from a strike on a sovereign nation posing no threat to the US.

          A few more days later, the G20 summit brings many key players’ opinions to light on a US Syrian strike. Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that it was his suspicion that the Rebels were behind the attack and they were using this as a ploy to receive intervention from the US. This is direct treason in my opinion. Aiding our sworn enemies. Weapons, money, this is literal treason.

          I think the Obama administration now realizes that they will be held accountable if we strike without consulting the UN security council. In my opinion, that is where his doubt suddenly came from when he announced he will go through congress. There still is no direct proof Assad was behind the attacks. Making a strike now without consulting with the UN council has to worry the administration.

          In conclusion we just look like fools now. They talked the talk but can’t get ANY support to walk the walk. Now the world is laughing at how the administration jumped the gun and made promises it could never keep. I just hope the world understands that we do not support this corrupt regime we call our government. Things aren’t getting better in this country. We need to fix ours before we can try to fix Syria’s.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please share if you liked it. Peace and Prosperity to all.


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