Google Knows Where You Go AND When. Watch this video if you value your privacy.

Posted: August 28, 2013 in General
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I was poking around in the settings of my google account when I stumbled upon Location History. I clicked view location history and was appalled at what I was looking at. A perfect timeline and tracking of my everyday movements. I value my privacy so I disabled and deleted all stored information. My only concern, does it really delete them? Probably not, and it probably doesn’t shut off them logging your movement either. It’s insane to think any government agency can access this information and use it against you in any way they please.

When you log into an Android phone with a Google account it asks if you want location services turned on. If you use the GPS is turns it on as well. So most likely you have this feature enabled and are being tracked when you might not want to be. This is basically a public service announcement. The link to disabling this feature is in the description of the video if you are having trouble finding the option.

I am trying to get this video out to everyone who cares for their privacy. Please share this and thanks for reading.


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