Prohibition is ruining the lives of non violent drug offenders.

Posted: April 27, 2012 in General

 It is my personal belief that prohibition is the root cause of our liberties being destroyed. One way or another. People suffer needlessly as a result of prohibition. The numbers have actually shown that prohibition causes drugs to become cheaper and MORE readily available. It doesn’t make sense you might say. The opposite is happening in reality. There is a larger picture to take into account that is causing these numbers to be so damaging toward the credibility of prohibition. The reasons why and how prohibition was driven to create massive profits for a certain few corrupt companies and organizations. The propaganda and lies kneaded into the minds of unsuspecting Americans. But at the root of it all is prohibition. When prohibition effects lives MORE negatively than the drugs they are prohibiting are then we have a big problem that should be reversed immediately. Until we end prohibition innocent people will have their rights trampled and their lives ruined for not one good reason. This is surely not the correct way to deal with these kind of issues. You cannot use ignorance to control human nature. It just simply does not make sense. Please comment!




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