Do you agree that children should be subjected to Politics at a young age?

Posted: April 26, 2012 in General

Civics class is what I remember. I learned nothing about politics though. Today the political side of this country is more important than most subjects in school. People should be teaching what and how this government is run and where we are headed. We are completely blind to the real issues facing this country. How can anyone make a difference if nobody is learning what is happening. Like me, I had no idea nor did I care to learn about these issues because they weren’t pressed on me growing up. This country would turn around in a heartbeat if they were to add some real life politics to our schools curriculum. We should start taking a proactive approach to teaching everyone how important it is to understand what is happening in our country. It is clear that nobody understands because you couldn’t, in the right mind, put someone like Mitt Romney in as president. Knowing his record and what he stands for and how he has engaged being a politician. These are important determining factors that nobody knows or cares to know about. How? Almost like this is a game or something. This is the president we are talking about. One of the most important people on earth! Even when I talk among my friends and family about issues today, its like I just entered the twilight zone. This need to be changed and it has to start at grade K….Thanks for reading. Please comment!


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