I cannot wait until America’s bad decisions start to effective more people directly…

Posted: April 24, 2012 in General

Romney Romney Romney…I cannot even believe people like this man. On what grounds? Did you go and research why you think he should be one of the most important men on the planet? Of course you haven’t. CNN NBC and the AP are owned by the same people giving Romney money to run for president. How can people be so blind? I will not help nor feel sorry for any American that is ignorant enough to put a man in that seat without ever lifting a finger to see who this man is. This really shows that the people do not care about anything. He has talked about flip flopping on issues and this is just all right with the people it seems. I WILL BE LAUGHING WHEN NOT ONE THING GETS DONE. When the exact situation plays out with Obamney, I mean Romney, that played out when Obama was elected. BIG BANKS FUND THESE PEOPLE FOR A REASON! Think outside of the box for just a second. It is not rocket science people. Mostly all of his donations are from GOLDMAN SACHS, JP MORGAN, CHASE, BANK OF AMERICA etc. Then we have the exact same person running for president as Obama. Do some homework people. Know what you are doing to this country because when “it” finally hits the fan you can feel guilty about how blind and naive you were. How you willing destroyed this country and smiled while doing it. I pity you people. I feel bad that you are right where these officials want you to be. Home watching CNN and NBC. It really is sad to think about, so I try not to. Peace and prosperity for all…Barack Obama the Joker


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